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Gift Wrap and Dancing

This morning, Gary and I volunteered in a little gift shop at Dove’s elementary school, set up for the students to shop for family members (and themselves) and have their gifts wrapped and ready to go. The kids’ choices were … Continue reading

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Dr. Dove

Dove strolled into the living room the other night with her toy doctor kit and decided that Sunflower and I appeared gravely ill.  I fake-coughed like a pro, and Sunflower followed suit, practically hacking up a lung. After listening to my … Continue reading

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This past weekend, Dove settled in with her drawing pad and a pencil shaped like a hammer (her favorite one) to bestow upon us some one-of-a-kind artwork. From my own observations, Dove’s drawing consists mostly of using the eraser, even … Continue reading

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Five Years

This past weekend, Dove crawled into my lap and curled up like a cat, lifting her head every now and then to kiss my cheek.  Moments like that, holding her in my lap or watching her wrestle her father, I feel … Continue reading

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Little Mommy

My cat Sylvester has a personality only a mother or a crazy cat lady could love. He is at times a wild kitten with gigantic eyes, chasing invisible items in the air and racing around the house at 100 miles … Continue reading

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Me vs. the Cat

I’m starting to believe at least one of the kids is more interested in seeing our cat, Tweetie, than in spending wholesome, quality time with me. Call me paranoid, but… 1. Gary handed Dove, who is 4, the phone recently … Continue reading

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Dove and Gary

Dove’s first full weekend with her father was less than a year ago. Gary was on one hand initially forbidden to see his youngest child, Dove, who is now nearly 4…then was accused of treating her differently and not wanting … Continue reading

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