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Manatee Gray

When I first read the news article a few days ago about a woman complaining about Target labeling the color of a plus-size dress “Manatee Gray”, I didn’t get it right away.  My immediate word association with a manatee were … Continue reading

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Attention Whore

I have surreptitiously cheered for the Ravens this past season, secondary to my trusty Steelers, of course.  When the Steelers were eliminated from play-offs (thanks, Ben), I was consoled by the fact that at least the Ravens are headed to … Continue reading

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Truth Hurts…the Kids

Long ago, Gary adopted a hands-off, low-contact approach with Crow.  Her attention-seeking, drama-loving nonsense needed to be chopped off at the roots, and responding to only what truly warranted a response let us focus on us, on the kids, our family, and … Continue reading

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Munchausen Much?

What would any caring, concerned parent do when a young child falls off of her bike and sustains injuries in the wreck? (a) Realistically evaluate the child’s injuries. (b) Be thankful the other parent thoroughly checked out the child’s injuries, … Continue reading

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Adult Diapers

Ever have one of those days where the so-called grown-ups around you are in dire need of a binkie, a warmed-up bottle, and a fresh diaper? One of my co-workers has latched onto my last nerve today and has been … Continue reading

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Worth It

Relationships, one on one, are hard enough. Loving a man with children from a previous marriage ups the ante. Toss in an ex who refuses to even feign sanity, and you have never-ending drama and bottomless stress. Why stick around? … Continue reading

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Drama Queens, Attention-Seekers, Feigners, Oh My!

Everyone seems doomed to know at least one: that individual who thrives on drama, whips up drama like instant pudding if there is not enough currently present to sustain their addiction, who pulls no punches in playing the ultimate persecuted … Continue reading

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