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A Moment

I’ve been rushing around since this weekend, obsessively running down a mental checklist, trying to make sure everything is checked off and in place before my guests arrive this week for Christmas.  I wandered into the kitchen last night for … Continue reading

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This past weekend, Dove settled in with her drawing pad and a pencil shaped like a hammer (her favorite one) to bestow upon us some one-of-a-kind artwork. From my own observations, Dove’s drawing consists mostly of using the eraser, even … Continue reading

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Gary’s Blog

Over a year and a half ago, I posted here about Gary’s new blog, Gary’s Greetings, a blog I started for him to showcase some of the drawings he was creating for the kids and sketches he made that were … Continue reading

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Kids’ Wishes for the World

Over 28,000 kids drew a design to appear on Google’s home page, with the theme, “What I Wish for the World”. Now you get to vote for the winner by clicking here: Doodle 4 Google. Just click on the tab … Continue reading

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Private Performance

When I got home from work yesterday evening, I paused at the front door to call out, “Hellooooo!” , since Gary usually meets me at the door with a hug and a welcome-home kiss if he is home first. Nothing. … Continue reading

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Gangsta Cobra

A fellow approached Gary a few weeks ago and asked him, “Can you draw pretty much anything?” Nothing like a question like this to make you semi-suspicious, especially in jail, so Gary asked, “Like what?” “A gangsta cobra.” “A gangster … Continue reading

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Gary’s New Blog!

Gary and I have been trying our best to find silver linings in this situation, to stay positive, to learn from all of this and move forward as better people. One positive for Gary has been that he has turned … Continue reading

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