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Easter Phone Call

Any holiday the kids are with us, Gary asks them to call their mother.  When they don’t want to, he tells them to at least say hello. On Easter Sunday, Sunflower actually asked to call Crow, so Gary dialed the … Continue reading

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Explosive Easter Eggs

See these lovely, pretty, decidedly normal Easter eggs? That is NOT how we like ours around here. Even traditional activities take on our own unique flavor in our family.  Yesterday, during the ceremonial Easter egg coloring, we decided to be … Continue reading

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Hiding Eggs and Narrowly Missing Time-Out

Yesterday Gary and I volunteered to help Sunflower’s teacher with an Easter egg hunt and class party that was apparently top-secret with access limited to only high-ranking government officials…at least that is the only valid reason I can imagine that Crow (see Cast … Continue reading

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