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Truth Hurts…the Kids

Long ago, Gary adopted a hands-off, low-contact approach with Crow.  Her attention-seeking, drama-loving nonsense needed to be chopped off at the roots, and responding to only what truly warranted a response let us focus on us, on the kids, our family, and … Continue reading

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Fight Club and Monkey Poo

It’s become a joke between Gary and me that when things are going well for us, when we are happiest, the axe is just waiting to fall. Let us enjoy some peace together, and the next day there will be … Continue reading

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What Would Happen?

Did you know that I am a child abuser, a sexual voyeur, an insatiable slut, a homewrecking whore, a violent criminal, and that I make up words? Well now, I didn’t either, until these beastly traits were pointed out to … Continue reading

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Drama Queens, Attention-Seekers, Feigners, Oh My!

Everyone seems doomed to know at least one: that individual who thrives on drama, whips up drama like instant pudding if there is not enough currently present to sustain their addiction, who pulls no punches in playing the ultimate persecuted … Continue reading

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