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Numbers Don’t Lie

What would you think if a court docket for a divorce proceeding has 179 entries to date? Or if I told you that of these 179 entries on the court docket, 138 (77%) are items filed by the ex-wife? Or … Continue reading

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Just When You Thought Valentine’s Day Couldn’t Get Any Lamer…

In case you are one of the rare, naive hold-outs still grasping desperately to the stale notion that Valentine’s Day is not a retail-driven, lame holiday, here are some cold, hard facts for your heart all a-flutter: * Penicillin was … Continue reading

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Happy Spring!

Ahhh, spring…it’s not just time to lose an hour on the clock, wear brighter colors and white shoes, shed the winter coat, and pay homage to a chocolate-and-Peeps-bearing rabbit. For the more intellectual gang, today is also the vernal equinox … Continue reading

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I’ve had a lot of e-mails from readers asking me why I haven’t been able to see or talk to the kids in so long (currently 55 days). I suppose it’s only fair that if I put the counter front … Continue reading

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Big words, jackasses, underwear, and more!

My public service today is to bring you fresh, hot, little-known facts to spice up your life, impress your friends, enrich your brain, make you effortlessly lose 10 pounds in 2 short days, become powerfully and inexplicably attractive to the … Continue reading

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Nerdy Blog Trivia

I was bitten hard by the research bug when I hopped online to find some trivia and stats for a recent post (A Question for My Readers), and my inner geek just had to dig up some more. Having developed … Continue reading

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