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My One

We’ve celebrated several birthdays over the years, and I hope we have a million more together.  Today is Gary’s birthday, and even though he always insists we don’t make a fuss about it, I want him to feel as loved … Continue reading

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Fair Food

Does the county fair exist for any reason whatsoever besides eating artery-clogging, heart-stopping, deep-fried monstrositites passed off as digestible food?  Gary and I always buy the wrist bands for the kids to ride rides all night, but to be honest, … Continue reading

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Seventeen Years Ago

I was 22 years old when my father died, on May 23, seventeen years ago.  I had just finished my last finals week of my undergraduate degree, and I was working the summer before heading off to graduate school, still … Continue reading

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Explosive Easter Eggs

See these lovely, pretty, decidedly normal Easter eggs? That is NOT how we like ours around here. Even traditional activities take on our own unique flavor in our family.  Yesterday, during the ceremonial Easter egg coloring, we decided to be … Continue reading

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Time Together

After not seeing each other for three weeks, the kids steamrolled into the house like laughing, giddy, smiling hurricanes, with time to make up for.  One evening, I was debating whether to head to the gym for some extra workout … Continue reading

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This past weekend, Gary and the kids and I went out to dinner to celebrate both Bear’s 11th birthday and Gary’s birthday.  We went to one of those restaurants that places paper over the table, and the server writes her … Continue reading

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Last night, I watched Gary come in after driving an hour (each way) to cheer for Sunflower at her soccer game in Hickville.  As soon as he hit the front door, he grabbed his school books and his notes, and … Continue reading

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