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Love Their Mother

While searching for good Father’s Day quotes and images, I repeatedly came across this one: It invariably made me roll my eyes with the unquestioned assumption that the children’s mother is actually lovable to start with, and the unspoken but … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Gifts

Last month, as Mother’s Day approached, TV was saturated with pink-hued commercials about how mothers are angelic, other-worldly beings, how they selflessly take care of everyone, how indescribably wonderful they are, how they give and give until there’s nothing left, … Continue reading

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The Best

One of the kids recently asked me about games I played with my father, and I had to think for a long time, finally telling them, “My father wasn’t like your father.  He didn’t get on the floor and wrestle … Continue reading

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Every Time

Every time a stranger smiles as they watch you with the kids… Every time one of the kids falls asleep with their arms wrapped around your neck… Every time I have to help referee whose turn it is to sit beside you … Continue reading

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Sumo Sneaking Kid

Father’s Day morning, I found myself sitting in an uncomfortable plastic chair, waiting for new tires to be installed on my car. What had been promised to be a 45-minute wait stretched to 2 hours, and I read the same … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day, Gary!

The kids will arrive home this evening, and I know that means I won’t have time to craft a Father’s Day post this weekend. So here it is, a few days early. Over nearly four years together, I have grown … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! My own father and I never really clicked, seeing as how two very stubborn and headstrong individuals rarely do when trapped beneath the same roof, but I still remember some things … Continue reading

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