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Love Their Mother

While searching for good Father’s Day quotes and images, I repeatedly came across this one: It invariably made me roll my eyes with the unquestioned assumption that the children’s mother is actually lovable to start with, and the unspoken but … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Gifts

Last month, as Mother’s Day approached, TV was saturated with pink-hued commercials about how mothers are angelic, other-worldly beings, how they selflessly take care of everyone, how indescribably wonderful they are, how they give and give until there’s nothing left, … Continue reading

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Last night, I watched Gary come in after driving an hour (each way) to cheer for Sunflower at her soccer game in Hickville.  As soon as he hit the front door, he grabbed his school books and his notes, and … Continue reading

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The Best

One of the kids recently asked me about games I played with my father, and I had to think for a long time, finally telling them, “My father wasn’t like your father.  He didn’t get on the floor and wrestle … Continue reading

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Rat Poison

I typically avoid the news like the plague.  When is there ever anything positive or at least not dismally depressing to read about what people are willing to do to other people?  I scanned the headlines the other day and … Continue reading

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Every Time

Every time a stranger smiles as they watch you with the kids… Every time one of the kids falls asleep with their arms wrapped around your neck… Every time I have to help referee whose turn it is to sit beside you … Continue reading

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Advice for Women *yawn*

I flipped through a current issue of Working Mother magazine over the weekend, and as expected, I found the obligatory article addressing how to get your man to share in housework and caring for your children. These articles are always … Continue reading

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