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Spare Me

Facebook and several other websites have reminded me multiple times that today is International Women’s Day.  I consider myself proudly and unabashedly feminist, but I just can’t get into hoorah-girl-power days like this one.  Maybe the vagina-hat-wearing jackasses ruined it … Continue reading

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Pink Sparkly Things! Oh My!

My fundamental concept of feminism is that your well being is significantly enhanced by not assuming you can step on me because I am female.  You are welcome to try, but the consequences are your full responsibility. So when I … Continue reading

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The F Word

Gary and I had a conversation this morning that kicked off a tailspin of ideas leading to today’s post. He was talking about an acquaintance of his, and he joked, “I don’t know if you would get along with her. … Continue reading

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Blog for Choice 2008

In honor of NARAL’s Blog for Choice Day 2008, I am answering the question why I am pro-choice (and always have been, and always will be). Let’s get one major point clear: pro-choice is not synonymous with pro-abortion. I do … Continue reading

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