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It’s About Time!

The very instant the last plant-killing cold night had passed in the spring, Gary and I practically raced to the nearest garden center to get plants for the small flower bed beside our front door.  We picked up, inspected, and … Continue reading

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Hobbling to the Garden Center

This past weekend, I finally heeded the temptation to dig in the dirt, hit the garden center, and do something with the wasteland also known as our front flower beds.  On Saturday I dragged the trash can to the front … Continue reading

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Dirt Zombie

Today brought us one of the first nice, sunny, beautiful days in a while, and as soon as I stepped outside, I was irresistably drawn to start digging in the long-neglected flower bed at our front door. I love plants, … Continue reading

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Morning Glory, part 2

This morning the first morning glory bud was wide open, so I snapped this shot with my cell phone camera. I love the color, a deep, rich purple, with a gentle pink center. There are tiny flower buds on another … Continue reading

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Birth Announcement

A gorgeous morning, cool, beautiful, and even in my barely-awake fog as I stepped outside today, I had to smile at the promise of change in the air. I wandered along the fence to water the vinca and the allamanda … Continue reading

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Flower, already!

I’m terribly impatient…how long does it take for a morning glory vine grown from seed to finally flower, anyway? The first round of seeds I planted are now long enough to start winding around the porch railing, maybe a total … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek

Just a quick sneak peek at some of the plants I am dying to plant in the yard of the new house! If I wasn’t at work today, I’d be playing in the dirt, dropping cash at the garden center, … Continue reading

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