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Where Have They Gone?

When I first started this blog, I wrote fast and furious, frantic and ferocious, venting and complaining and ranting, hashing over the joys (ahem) of dealing with a jealous, self-absorbed womb-for-rent who refused to let go of a man who … Continue reading

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A lot happens in 5 months. Gary has been gone for 5 months now, and my fear has turned into anticipation of him coming home; my disbelief has faded into understanding; my anger has morphed into action, planning, fighting, compassion. … Continue reading

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After four long months of waiting, then waiting some more (something I am not terribly good at, by the way), we finally found out last week that Gary will be coming home in November. Nothing happens swiftly in tobacco-spitting, swine-show-hosting … Continue reading

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Champ In Training

Weekends are always insufferably short, but this past one dissolved almost the very moment it started. A friend I haven’t seen in a long time came over on Sunday, and it was wonderful to just sit and talk like we … Continue reading

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Thank You

“Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls.” ~David Thomas I want to devote today’s post to saying “thank you” to everyone who has written, called, stopped by, and offered their support, help, and … Continue reading

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Small world

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a friend I haven’t heard from in almost a year…maybe even over a year? A while, at least! I thought she had moved away from this area, since during one of our last conversations, … Continue reading

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