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The Dollhouse

I don’t even remember what I was doing when I first overheard Gary playing dolls with the girls, Sunflower and Dove, last weekend.  After everything that Gary’s doll said or did, there was a fresh burst of raucous giggles.  It … Continue reading

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Not that Mama

Last week Gary and I volunteered at an end-of-the-year event for Sunflower’s class.  It was a beach theme, and the class had 10 different fun activity tables the kids rotated through in small groups. Gary was in charge of a water activity, … Continue reading

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Smirking Thor

You are most like Thor. You are strong, good looking, and ambitious. Though slightly immature at times, especially when you don’t get what you want, you are loyal to the bone and will always stand for what’s right. You are … Continue reading

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Typically, my obessive-compulsive, Type-A personality takes over even on weekends, with shrill alarm clocks, lengthy to-do lists, and a frantic pace, checking things off as I go.  This past weekend, though, I didn’t even set the alarm.  Gary and I stayed in … Continue reading

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Flip the Bird

While I was trimming Dove’s fingernails this past weekend (since, apparently, fingernail clippers do not exist in Hickville, along with soap and shampoo and other basic tools of hygiene), Dove chose the moment to offer me some multicultural education. She stuck out … Continue reading

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Ever since Wolverine, who is 12, discovered about a year ago that he is taller than me, short jokes fly rapidly and plentifully when the kids and Gary are with me.  The three younger kids happily set aside the fact that … Continue reading

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Tickle War

I’m not sure exactly how it started.  I believe it was an innocent, spontaneous tickle of Gary’s belly by Bear in the kitchen.  The first burst of laughter elicited by this walk-by tickling was simply encouragement to try again, and the … Continue reading

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