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Basket Case

Gary accuses me of having a raging basket fetish.  I can’t stand clutter, so everything is corralled tidily into a basket: under the sinks, on storage shelves, even our washcloths are folded neatly inside a basket in the linen closet. … Continue reading

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When Spiders Attack

The other evening, Gary and I had just gotten home from a quiet, peaceful dinner, and I was putting my shoes in the closet when I heard him call to me frantically from the living room.  It sounded serious.  I … Continue reading

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For the Birds

One of the first things I couldn’t wait to do this spring was get a huge, beautiful hanging basket of flowers for the front porch.  I turned out to not be the only one who admired my grand geraniums and … Continue reading

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People in My Ears

One of my 7-year-old stepdaughter’s favorite toys is her well-stocked doctor bag, and a few days ago, Dove instructed me to lay down on the floor so she could operate.  She even tucked a pillow beneath my head like a … Continue reading

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This past weekend, Sunflower emerged from the bedroom with her pink, sequined purse.  She told me, “I just put my lipgloss in my purse, and now I am like you!” She tucked her purse onto her arm, then added, “Now … Continue reading

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Text Me!

On occasion, you could say that Gary, the kids, and I are pretty easily amused.  One thing that would most definitely confirm this notion is the humor we find in sending text messages to each other…when we are in the … Continue reading

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Gary’s Other Woman

Recently, I caught Gary red-handed with his arm wrapped lovingly around another woman, leaning close to her and tenderly calling her “baby”. You may expect that my initial reaction was shock, or anger, or to gasp and stammer in dismay … Continue reading

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