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Text Me!

On occasion, you could say that Gary, the kids, and I are pretty easily amused.  One thing that would most definitely confirm this notion is the humor we find in sending text messages to each other…when we are in the … Continue reading

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Gary’s Other Woman

Recently, I caught Gary red-handed with his arm wrapped lovingly around another woman, leaning close to her and tenderly calling her “baby”. You may expect that my initial reaction was shock, or anger, or to gasp and stammer in dismay … Continue reading

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The New Shed

There comes a time in nearly everyone’s life when one must face the harsh truth, suck it up, and simply admit to stark reality: I have too much stuff for one house. So Gary and I spent quality time recently … Continue reading

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I may not be able to post here for a short while.  Okay, for a long while…a very, very long while!  You can thank Gary for this gut-wrenching and heart-breaking turn of unfortunate events. On the phone the other day, … Continue reading

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Am I Purring?

Our black cat, Rosie, has the quietest purr known to felinehood, a barely-perceptible, hushed hum of happiness.  When I am petting him, sometimes I gently rest my head on his body to check if he is purring.  Without being that close to … Continue reading

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Face Cream

The other evening, Wolverine was being silly and goofing around.  He wrapped a blanket around his face like a cloak, used his best, gravelly, old-person voice, and announced to us in an exaggerated accent, “I am a very, very old fortune-teller.  Would you like … Continue reading

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The Phone

This past weekend, Gary ran to the store with Wolverine and Dove.  Sunflower wandered by the bedroom and noticed Gary’s cell phone still sitting on the dresser. “Oh, Daddy left his phone here,” she told me.  “Should I call him … Continue reading

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