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Sylvester and the Killer Duck

I often find myself defending my ball-of-fluff cat, Sylvester, who is frequently accused of being brain-dead, evil, the spawn of Satan, mentally deranged, flat crazy, or all of the above at the same time, usually by Gary.  Every time Sylvester barrels … Continue reading

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Doctor Death

Dove marched into the living room recently, her new toy doctor bag in hand, and asked sternly, “Who is feeling sick in here?” Gary naively offered himself up by telling her, “I don’t feel so good, doctor.” Dove wandered closer … Continue reading

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Hell Cat

The other night, Gary and I were minding our own business, relaxing innocently in the living room, when suddenly a manic blur of black and white fur exploded into the room, zoomed to the far wall, ricocheted, and rocketed back into … Continue reading

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Last Minute Christmas Gifts for the Psycho on YOUR List

Only a few more days until Christmas!  Never fear, for I have scoured the Internet for some last-minute gift ideas sure to please the psycho (or someone who puts up with a psycho) on your list. Since many of my readers must contend … Continue reading

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Tennis Super Stars

Yesterday, Gary and the kids and I packed up some tennis racquets and a bag of tennis balls, and we headed to the park.  We started off in the racquetball court near the playground, just goofing off by hitting a … Continue reading

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Gary to Dove: What’s the matter, sweetheart? Dove: Oh, nothing…just tired. Gary:  Tired?  Tired of what? Dove:  Tired of your sassing.

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I Have No Authority

After a rowdy afternoon at the park, Gary, the kids, and I went to Dairy Queen yesterday for ice cream.  The kids love the high tables with the chairs that are more like bar stools, so we grouped around one … Continue reading

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