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Hug It Out!

Football is not typically known for its touching, weepy, or heartfelt moments.  But after watching the Steelers fight for every point with their third-string quarterback Charlie Batch against the Ravens this past Sunday, and then pull out an unexpected and … Continue reading

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Have you ever had the wondrous experience of playing the board game Aggravation?  I actually had not, until this past weekend, but my brothers and I played the game Trouble as kids and always ended up in near fist fights, … Continue reading

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Big Boss Lady

This past weekend, Sunflower, who is 5, wanted to play that she was my boss and I was her docile minion, oops, I mean, her loyal employee. Sunflower (reclining in large chair): Ask me for a raise. Me: Ms. Sunflower, … Continue reading

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