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It’s About Time!

The very instant the last plant-killing cold night had passed in the spring, Gary and I practically raced to the nearest garden center to get plants for the small flower bed beside our front door.  We picked up, inspected, and … Continue reading

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Hobbling to the Garden Center

This past weekend, I finally heeded the temptation to dig in the dirt, hit the garden center, and do something with the wasteland also known as our front flower beds.  On Saturday I dragged the trash can to the front … Continue reading

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This past weekend, Sunflower and Dove donned their kid-sized gardening gloves and joined me in the yard for some old-fashioned manual labor. As we yanked weeds, trimmed bushes, and laid to rest the plants that long ago succumbed to the … Continue reading

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Monday Already?

Blame it on the sunshine, the cooler weather, the absolutely beautiful day we had yesterday, but yes, I found myself lured back to the garden center yesterday, despite the knowledge that my yard is the Bermuda Triangle of gardens, where … Continue reading

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I Must Have This Plant

This morning I had a pleasant surprise when I stepped outside to water the plants on my porch. Another morning glory vine has begun to flower on the fence, and the flowers are blue! So far every bud that has … Continue reading

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Almost Monday Already?

Sorry to depress you if the shadow of Monday hadn’t been creeping up over your shoulder until just now. This weekend flew by, faster than usual, and the cooler days and evenings are simply gorgeous, making me wish the weekend … Continue reading

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Morning Glory, part 2

This morning the first morning glory bud was wide open, so I snapped this shot with my cell phone camera. I love the color, a deep, rich purple, with a gentle pink center. There are tiny flower buds on another … Continue reading

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