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Lemonade Award!

What is more exciting than a new comment on your blog? Why, a comment and an award, that’s what! Thanks to Natalie over on I Married a Polack…, who left me a comment on my post called Good People and … Continue reading

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After four long months of waiting, then waiting some more (something I am not terribly good at, by the way), we finally found out last week that Gary will be coming home in November. Nothing happens swiftly in tobacco-spitting, swine-show-hosting … Continue reading

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Thank You

“Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls.” ~David Thomas I want to devote today’s post to saying “thank you” to everyone who has written, called, stopped by, and offered their support, help, and … Continue reading

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If I hope that something good must come of this, then let it be this: *I will never again watch the news, read the paper, or hear of someone who has been arrested, and make snap judgments as if I … Continue reading

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