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Gary and I check the kids’ school grades online every day, and it’s become impossible not to see a glaring trend. Their grades, particularly Dove’s, soar and plummet, spike and fall, based on the last time they were with us. … Continue reading

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Jail Break

I have mentioned before, several times in fact, that the witless hick town the kids were dragged to after the divorce is little more than a glorified barnyard populated by inbred cattle tottering on two feet.  It is not a … Continue reading

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Christmas Chaos

Sunflower has been telling her dad and me about her role in the school Christmas play for weeks now and was obviously excited about it, asking more than once if we will be there.  I planned to be there early … Continue reading

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Lower Your Standards

Traveling to Hickville is like tumbling down a rabbit hole into a Twilight Zone of inbred absurdity.  How anyone could drag the kids there and force them to live there is beyond me: we are not talking merely a small … Continue reading

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Sunflower’s Play

This morning Gary and I traveled to Hickville to cheer on Sunflower in her kindergarten class play. She played Mother Goose to the hilt, complete with gray hair and a long dress, and she introduced the crowd (mostly fellow elementary … Continue reading

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Hicks, Livestock, and Lies

Scanning the crowd when we arrived at the kids’ soccer games last night, I searched for energetic, little blonde heads dashing toward us, and sure enough, along came Bear and Sunflower, nearly taking Gary off his feet as they rushed … Continue reading

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We missed the d*mn swine show!

One of the dubious perks of living smack in the epicenter of roughly 500 million square miles of hick towns, with dirt roads, bad accents, cheap liquor stores, and rusty, beat-up pick-up trucks as far as the eye can squint, … Continue reading

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