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“Courage is fear that has said its prayers.” ~ Dorothy BernardPart of my job here at the hospice is reviewing surveys that caretakers and family members fill out, giving their opinion of our services. The best part of this task … Continue reading

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As soon as I tell someone that I work in hospice, I get a stricken look and then the predictable question: “Isn’t that depressing?” Emotional sometimes, yes. Celebratory and empowering, yes. Depressing, no. There’s a sign at work that says … Continue reading

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Today at work, we had what we joyously refer to as a disaster drill. Jealous, aren’t you? We got to pretend a big old hurricane was barreling straight for us, ready to wipe us out, and see if we could … Continue reading

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You’re a Doll

I spent the morning visiting patients, and today’s rounds were, well, different, to say the least. I was kneeling next to a patient’s wheelchair in the activity room of the nursing home, talking quietly and soothingly, when the chosen activity … Continue reading

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Clearing My Head

I spent some time with patients this afternoon, visiting and talking, seeing how they are doing, what they need, even if it was just to chat for a while. I was nervous; I felt like I was barging into a … Continue reading

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Corpus Callosum

So…do you know where your corpus callosum is? I know a certain 9-year-old, 6-year-old, and 4-year-old who do. Sunflower has been working on knowing her body parts in pre-K, so we were playing, asking her, “Where is your nose? Where … Continue reading

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