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The Southern Cult

Just for chuckles today: Maybe you have to live around these parts to really understand the humor in this.  All I know is, I laughed so hard when I saw this that I nearly pulled a muscle, because this perfectly … Continue reading

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Vet Adventures

Yesterday was a day of trial and tribulations, of insurmountable challenges and great tests of my patience and will.  Yes…it was time to take both cats to the vet.  At the same time. The fun started with cramming two large, … Continue reading

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Kids Sense Evil

Last week, Gary and I traveled to Hickville to attend back-to-school orientations with the kids.  With four kids, we now have one child in each of the schools in the district this year, so I took one and a half … Continue reading

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The Cat and the Sink

Recently an unidentified culprit has been leaving the water in our bathroom sink running.  I blamed the kids at first (a fair conclusion, mind you, since I have observed them walk off with the water still running), but then mysteriously, … Continue reading

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This past weekend, Sunflower emerged from the bedroom with her pink, sequined purse.  She told me, “I just put my lipgloss in my purse, and now I am like you!” She tucked her purse onto her arm, then added, “Now … Continue reading

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Hello.  My name is Smirking Cat, and I am a Sephoraholic. Maybe you have never heard of this affliction.  Perhaps it has not affected your cozy, stable community just yet. My addiction used to be restricted to online bingeing,  since … Continue reading

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Gary’s Other Woman

Recently, I caught Gary red-handed with his arm wrapped lovingly around another woman, leaning close to her and tenderly calling her “baby”. You may expect that my initial reaction was shock, or anger, or to gasp and stammer in dismay … Continue reading

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