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Who Needs to Stop the Car?

It must be difficult for some people to visualize or imagine what it feels like to be a good parent, sort of like playing fantasy or dress-up without truly grasping the character. Case in point: Crow, the children’s ignoble womb-for-rent, stumbles … Continue reading

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Texting, Texting, 1, 2, 3…

One night, Gary and I treated ourselves to a nice dinner out on the town. We didn’t make reservations, but the evening was beautiful, so we didn’t mind waiting outside until we could be seated.Directly across from us, also waiting for … Continue reading

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It’s a miracle! By the grace and glory of higher powers, by the wonders and marvels of modern science, our bike-wrecking child who hobbled feebly into an emergency room yesterday morning, blind and almost paralyzed, perched at death’s door, is … Continue reading

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A mother who spends most of the children’s soccer games with a cell phone glued to her ear and ignoring the children: disappointing but typical A mother with the manners of a lowbred shoat in front of the children: disappointing but … Continue reading

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Gas Groupies

Here’s a snap quiz for you: how do you induce mass hysteria and prompt crazed, lemming-like behavior to make an entire city rush out to buy gas? Answer: Easy. Start a rumor that there is a gas shortage. I started … Continue reading

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Actual Office Conversation

The following is an actual conversation, involving real, breathing people at my place of work, that transpired today: The scene opens with me feeding roughly one million envelopes into the mailing machine after I was conned/begged/suckered into running the mail … Continue reading

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