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Love Their Mother

While searching for good Father’s Day quotes and images, I repeatedly came across this one: It invariably made me roll my eyes with the unquestioned assumption that the children’s mother is actually lovable to start with, and the unspoken but … Continue reading

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The E-Mail

The other day, we received an email from one of the kids’ teachers, thanking us for working so hard with the kids and their school work, and for supporting their teachers.  Something so simple, such a small gesture, is momentous … Continue reading

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What Lie Should I Tell?

Right before we loaded into the car to drive back to Hickville yesterday, Dove sought me out and asked me, “What am I supposed to tell Mama about this?”, holding up her hand. I didn’t know what she meant and … Continue reading

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Split Lip

Recently, when we picked up the kids at the police station for the weekend, Sunflower arrived with an injured lip.  Not a healing injury, not an old wound, but still bleeding.  She strolled casually over to our car with blood … Continue reading

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Your Own Life

One of the most important life lessons I have learned in the past five years or so, I actually have to credit to Crow.  Watching her permit her entire life to revolve around the past, watching her sink farther and farther … Continue reading

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Good Heart

Watching Gary last week after the car accident, watching him tend to everyone and make sure everyone was okay as best as he could, I thought about how it was far from the first time I saw Gary immediately help … Continue reading

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Whose House?

Of all the lies the children are spoon-fed by Crow (their parenting-skills-challenged egg donor), perhaps the oddest– and most idiotic — is about where they live. Yes, Crow is willing to lie about anything, including whose house she lives in.  You see, … Continue reading

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