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Nothing Left

“Hate, baby, hate When there’s nothing left for you.” ~ INXS, New Sensation My adoration for 80s music aside, I love this lyric.  I’ve always liked that song, but those particular words take on new meaning now, knowing and seeing … Continue reading

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What Not to Be

The older and wiser (and grumpier and stiffer) I get, the more I realize that this quote is true: some people are terrific examples of how to act, what to do, how to be…and the only reason some other people … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary to Me!

Pass around the cake and ice cream (and the spiked punch): the Smirking Cat is a strapping, bouncing two years old today! I haven’t been nearly as active on this blog as I was the first year, but I assure … Continue reading

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Where Have I Been?

I’ve been largely AWOL from this blog recently, and also from reading or commenting on anyone else’s. Luckily there is a very good reason for this: I have been making some major changes in my life lately. I have written … Continue reading

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Ever just wake up in a really good, peaceful mood, and decide that no matter what happens today, you will swiftly snap the neck of anyone who tries to mess up your day? Gary and I had the best intentions … Continue reading

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What Difference Does a Year Make?

Writing the date lately, I get a creeping feeling of deja vu. Looking at the calendar, I am in disbelief that it has been 11 months since Gary was arrested, since we were separated for 7 months, almost a year … Continue reading

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…I woke up with my arms around my best friend (Gary, of course), and we joked around, laughed, and played while I got ready for work. …the kids are coming this evening for the weekend, and the house will be … Continue reading

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