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Play Off Time!

This has been quite the hockey season for my Lightning!  When Marty St. Louis transferred to the New York rangers, I admit I was a little upset.  He was one of my favorite players, one of the few players left … Continue reading

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That Didn’t Take Long

Maybe we just should mercifully revert back to the NHL lockout.  My fantastic fantasies about what my Tampa Bay Lightning could be doing were much more impressive than what they are, in fact, actually doing. Losing five straight games before … Continue reading

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Down but Not Out

Wondering where I’ve been lately? I’ve been in the strangleholds of the bony death grip of the bubonic plague, or at least, what certainly feels like it. My head is as heavy as a bowling ball and throbs with a … Continue reading

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Lightning Smarty-Pants

When I woke up this morning, the windows were lit up and flashing with lightning, and I could hear the rain making messy mud puddles in my yard so that Crybaby and her squad of outdoor cats could paw-paint mud … Continue reading

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Snoozing through the Playoffs

I still haven’t watched a single hockey playoff game, but my work computer mysteriously and innocently keeps landing on, and what can I do but read it? I’m a hapless victim of technology… Apparently I’m not missing much. The … Continue reading

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The Lightning’s brief and tenuous winning streak screeched to a grisly halt last night against the Buffalo Sabres. If you watched any part of the 3rd period, then you are still pointing at me and laughing tauntingly. What the hell … Continue reading

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Guess who lost last night?

I have complained quite a bit that my hockey team does not play consistently, but that is no longer true. After 7 consecutive losses, they are consistently terrible! I felt the barest flicker of hope during last night’s game against … Continue reading

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