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This morning, as I was rushing to get ready for work, I happened to pause at the bathroom door and turned to glance back at Gary.  He was sitting on the edge of the bed, cell phone in hand, intently … Continue reading

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Losing a Pet

It’s not hard to see from where I get my spoiling-my-pets tendencies.  My mom has a small, white Bichon, and if you aren’t sure exactly what that is, imagine a fuzzy, white cotton ball that has exploded to the size … Continue reading

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Manual Labor

Buying a house means a lot of things, but most certainly the fact that idle days of sitting around with nothing to do are long gone.  I spent most of the day Saturday sweating through more manual labor than an inmate of a … Continue reading

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Our Home

My mother has told me many times, with an exasperated sigh, that I owe her an address book.  In my younger, wilder, and woolier days, I liked to move at the drop of a hat.  I’ve zig-zagged along the coast, … Continue reading

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No Longer My Boyfriend

I need to update my Cast of Characters page, because of as January 1, Gary is no longer my boyfriend. Say what?  Relax.  He is still a cast member in this crazy little menagerie of my life.  It’s just that, … Continue reading

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Nine Years

Tomorrow marks a very special day: tomorrow will be 9 years since Gary and I set out on our first date.  Nine years since the evening that brought both us together and ended with us hopelessly hooked on each other, … Continue reading

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High Road

Bright and early yesterday morning, Gary and I hit the road for an academic awards assembly at the girls’ elementary school. Instead of the loud, orange stickers visitors used to get at the school office, they now offer loud, orange … Continue reading

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