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The Perfect Mother’s Day Card

How unfathomably difficult it must be for the poor children to find that one, perfect Mother’s Day card for Crow!  Can you simply imagine their distress and woe?  I mean, where on earth could they possibly discover, in the golden … Continue reading

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Back to Their Abuser

When it is time to leave our house to make the hour-long trek to Hickville to drop the kids off at the police station and return to their used-up womb-for-rent of a “mother”, it causes an instant change in the kids.  … Continue reading

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What bliss…what sheer, ignorant bliss…it must be to see the children’s tears, the children’s pain, and feel only irritation at how their agony is not convenient to you. Then again…to feel that way would make me an insufferable asshole, and … Continue reading

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Often when the kids arrive at our home, they bring along clothes, jackets, toys, movies, etc. This time was no exception: Dove even brought a gift bag, presumably from her pre-school, with candy, a teddy bear, and other odds and … Continue reading

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What Would a Bad Mother Do?

If my life goal happened to be becoming one of the worst parents imaginable, I have had plenty of mentoring by a Malicious Mother of the Year. What are some of the lessons I have learned? Let’s review (quiz later)! … Continue reading

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Is it Really About the Kids?

“Best interests of the children”. If you are involved, in any capacity, in a divorce or custody proceeding with children, then you have likely heard that phrase more times than you can count, yet interestingly, in so many instances, it … Continue reading

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