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Definitely Not Their Mother

“You’re not their mother!” I find myself thinking about what the word “Mother” has come to mean for the kids, anyway. When a mother is caring, loving, protective, and sincere, the word “Mother” is a tender, beautiful word. But mothers … Continue reading

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Remind You of Anyone?

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Stick People for Shitty Parents

I’m sure by now, unless you have the envious gift of blotting out nauseatingly cutesy, overdone trends, then you have spotted those dorky stick figure decals on the backs of, usually, mini-vans and bus-sized SUV’s littered with candy droppings, semi-empty … Continue reading

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What if the Kids Read Your Blog?

It’s not unusual for stepmoms frustrated by what they see to keep a blog documenting their struggles or venting their feelings. It’s not unusual for like-minded people to offer support, advice, or simply “I know how you feel”. It is … Continue reading

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Senseless, Part Two

“The goal of the alienator is crystalline: to deprive the lost parent, not only of the child’s time, but of the time of childhood.”–Cartwright, Glenn F. (1993). Expanding the parameters of parental alienation syndrome. American Journal of Family Therapy, 21 … Continue reading

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