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Stuffed Dog

One afternoon, when Bear was little, he asked me to play with him.  He was about 6 or 7 years old, baby-faced, tousled blonde hair that liked to stick up in jagged rooster tails, and he had a trouble-making streak … Continue reading

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Do What’s Right

The kids sometimes ask me to tell them stories about when I was little.  You may believe, with a sentimental and indulging smile, that this is because they want to learn more about how I grew up, how I became … Continue reading

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Getting Away

Usually, my spontaneous ideas turn out to be something I ultimately regret.  Not this one.  When Gary and I decided at the last minute to get away this past weekend, all we really had was a confirmation number, directions on … Continue reading

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The Crooked Yellow House

This past weekend, Gary and I took advantage of the three-day weekend to do something we’ve been planning for months: we took off for a day, got away, left everything behind except the two of us. It was spectacularly beautiful. … Continue reading

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Before Me

I got to spend part of this afternoon on a task I have been looking forward to for months: finally opening up the last of the boxes and unpacking Gary’s and the kids’ things, getting the house ready to be … Continue reading

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Memory Lane

All this talk about hockey and the Stanley Cup has me a bit nostalgic…indulge me for a moment, since I endured a hideous and painful season this past year with the worst team EVER, the worst team since anyone had … Continue reading

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The Folks

Last night, Gary and I sat on the porch in the dark, talking and laughing. It was good to hear him laugh; you really can’t miss Gary’s laugh. It’s infectious, and it’s as loud as mine. I don’t remember what … Continue reading

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