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Mixed Messages

Where did summer break go?  The kids are trudging back to school around here already.  In case you are tempted to tsk-tsk sympathetically and pity them for being back in school in August, don’t: they more than make up for … Continue reading

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Easter Phone Call

Any holiday the kids are with us, Gary asks them to call their mother.  When they don’t want to, he tells them to at least say hello. On Easter Sunday, Sunflower actually asked to call Crow, so Gary dialed the … Continue reading

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Split Lip

Recently, when we picked up the kids at the police station for the weekend, Sunflower arrived with an injured lip.  Not a healing injury, not an old wound, but still bleeding.  She strolled casually over to our car with blood … Continue reading

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If They Live that Long…

This week, Crow is going all-out to outdo herself in the bad parenting department.  So far, the week has already involved an emergency trip to the dentist to repair a tooth one of the kids broke while “roughhousing” (translation: the … Continue reading

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Hair Brushes and Ear Infections

When we picked up the kids this past Friday, I groaned when I saw that both Sunflower and Dove’s hair had been shoved into sloppy pigtails.  Last time Crow bothered slapping Dove’s hair into a ponytail, it was because gum … Continue reading

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In the past six-plus years, it has been impossible not to notice certain oddities and outright bizarreness of the children’s other home and the loose screw inhabitants of that residence.  One thing I can’t help but notice is that Crow, … Continue reading

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Make ‘Em Like You

Last week, Sunflower invited Gary to a dance at her elementary school and made it crystal-clear  she really wanted him to come.  She was angry when she found out we knew nothing about it.  The information sent home from the school … Continue reading

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