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Thank You

Thank you, Crow, for living with your parents for nearly the past decade as you rot ungracefully into your 40’s.  Your inability to care for yourself and your refusal to stop sucking off your daddy makes me fiercely value my own independence … Continue reading

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My Mom

I remember the first time I heard someone call my mother by her first name.  I was young, very young, and I had to ask her why that person wasn’t calling her “Mom”.  Wasn’t Mom her real name?  The realization that … Continue reading

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Definitely Not Their Mother

“You’re not their mother!” I find myself thinking about what the word “Mother” has come to mean for the kids, anyway. When a mother is caring, loving, protective, and sincere, the word “Mother” is a tender, beautiful word. But mothers … Continue reading

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What I Am

“You are not their mother.” If you have been in any kind of stepmother scenario for more than a nanosecond, then you have heard these words. If you are like me, then you really had no uncertainty regarding whether the … Continue reading

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Anniversary Post: "Best Interests"

One year ago today, I deleted a blog called Athena and started The Smirking Cat. One of the last posts on Athena was titled “Best Interests”, and it kicked off a childish drama of bitter comments, insults, and accusations (and … Continue reading

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