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Chernobyl Diaries

All I knew about the movie Chernobyl Diaries was the rather obvious factoid that the movie was set in…wait for it…Chernobyl (or, at least, a Chernobyl lookalike). And being the weirdo that I am, with the macabre fascination with Chernobyl that … Continue reading

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Puss in Boots

When a new kids’ movie comes out, I usually hope the kids somehow miraculously never saw the previews so that I won’t have to go sit through it.  (Chipmunks?  Spy Kids? Smurfs?  Spare me.)  But the first time I saw a preview for Puss … Continue reading

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Not-so-Despicable Movie

No spoilers, no endless movie review, just a note that Despicable Me is well worth the price of a ticket. It was a bit slow to get moving, but once it does, it is funny, sweet, touching, and entertaining. Gary, … Continue reading

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Paranormal Activity

When I saw the previews for Paranormal Activity, I couldn’t wait to see it. I love the subject matter of ghosts, demons, anything beyond the realm of what we can concretely understand and explain. Then, like most movies I decide … Continue reading

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