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Bitch Diploma

The other day, a friend of ours vented about his ex-wife trying to sabotage his summer vacation with the kids by calling them, telling them their father was going to take them away and not bring them back, cryptically urging … Continue reading

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Back to Their Abuser

When it is time to leave our house to make the hour-long trek to Hickville to drop the kids off at the police station and return to their used-up womb-for-rent of a “mother”, it causes an instant change in the kids.  … Continue reading

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Truth Hurts…the Kids

Long ago, Gary adopted a hands-off, low-contact approach with Crow.  Her attention-seeking, drama-loving nonsense needed to be chopped off at the roots, and responding to only what truly warranted a response let us focus on us, on the kids, our family, and … Continue reading

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Five Years

This past weekend, Dove crawled into my lap and curled up like a cat, lifting her head every now and then to kiss my cheek.  Moments like that, holding her in my lap or watching her wrestle her father, I feel … Continue reading

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Hiding Eggs and Narrowly Missing Time-Out

Yesterday Gary and I volunteered to help Sunflower’s teacher with an Easter egg hunt and class party that was apparently top-secret with access limited to only high-ranking government officials…at least that is the only valid reason I can imagine that Crow (see Cast … Continue reading

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What Would a Bad Mother Do?

If my life goal happened to be becoming one of the worst parents imaginable, I have had plenty of mentoring by a Malicious Mother of the Year. What are some of the lessons I have learned? Let’s review (quiz later)! … Continue reading

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Remind You of Anyone?

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