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Letting Go

All too soon, the kids headed back to school today.  A new year, a new round of teachers, an entire school year stretched ahead of them to learn, grow, change. One of the kids is not heading to school today.  … Continue reading

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Last night, I watched Gary come in after driving an hour (each way) to cheer for Sunflower at her soccer game in Hickville.  As soon as he hit the front door, he grabbed his school books and his notes, and … Continue reading

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Math Workbook Love

I was sitting at the kitchen table with Dove, helping her with questions in the first-grade workbook we bought to give her a boost with her school work, when Bear, who is 10, sat down with us too.  He jumped … Continue reading

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The Dollhouse

I don’t even remember what I was doing when I first overheard Gary playing dolls with the girls, Sunflower and Dove, last weekend.  After everything that Gary’s doll said or did, there was a fresh burst of raucous giggles.  It … Continue reading

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Thank You

Thank you, Crow, for living with your parents for nearly the past decade as you rot ungracefully into your 40’s.  Your inability to care for yourself and your refusal to stop sucking off your daddy makes me fiercely value my own independence … Continue reading

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Definitely Not Their Mother

“You’re not their mother!” I find myself thinking about what the word “Mother” has come to mean for the kids, anyway. When a mother is caring, loving, protective, and sincere, the word “Mother” is a tender, beautiful word. But mothers … Continue reading

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What I Am

“You are not their mother.” If you have been in any kind of stepmother scenario for more than a nanosecond, then you have heard these words. If you are like me, then you really had no uncertainty regarding whether the … Continue reading

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