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The Woman in the Car

I don’t know how to describe what happened last night. After we dropped the kids off, Gary and I were driving back home, talking about the weekend and hashing out plans for dinner, when the headlights picked up a scene that took … Continue reading

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I have moved a lot in my lifetime, and I have had more than my share of bad luck with neighbors, always seeming to land next door to partiers, screamers, fighters, and music-blasters. I have never tolerated it quietly, and … Continue reading

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Who She Used to Be

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our perspective, our view of a situation, is so much different than someone else’s, even when they are very close to us. I’ve read before on so many stepmom blogs, either jokingly or simply … Continue reading

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Give Me My Kidney Back

New York Man Demands Estranged Wife Pay Him for Kidney Ahhh, the classic love-gone-bad story. Boy meets girl. Boy marries girl. Boy donates his kidney to girl. Boy and girl separate, girl refuses to let boy see kids, so boy … Continue reading

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Today at work, we had what we joyously refer to as a disaster drill. Jealous, aren’t you? We got to pretend a big old hurricane was barreling straight for us, ready to wipe us out, and see if we could … Continue reading

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Grizzly Bear

Day #7 of working 9+ hour days without a day off…I am exhausted, worn out, run down, burned out, and oh-so-ready for my beloved, much-anticipated day off tomorrow. Priority #1: sleeping in! Priority #2: taking a nap! The other morning … Continue reading

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