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Losing a Pet

It’s not hard to see from where I get my spoiling-my-pets tendencies. ┬áMy mom has a small, white Bichon, and if you aren’t sure exactly what that is, imagine a fuzzy, white cotton ball that has exploded to the size … Continue reading

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Dear Tweetie…

Over 14 years ago, you chose me. You waited at my back door like you already knew me, and I’m sure you were not surprised when you ended up in the house and in my heart. My mother calls you … Continue reading

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Tweetie’s Latest Act

Day by day, Tweetie keeps getting a little better. The vet said his back legs are recovering faster than his front legs, so he walks with a hunched-over gait with his hind legs threatening to overtake his slower front legs. … Continue reading

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