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Ooh, That’s Got to Sting

Two shut-outs in a row! What’s the matter, Pittsburgh Pretty Boys? What happened to Sidney’s magic touch? It sure wasn’t racking up any points or stopping any Red Wing pucks. I’d like to see 2 more shut-outs and just wrap … Continue reading

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We Now Return to Regularly Scheduled Programming

Enough chit-chat about feelings and philosophical musings regarding human nature and the rescue of the world from itself. It’s time to get back to…. HOCKEY! Rather anti-climatically, the Red Wings and the Penguins have come down to the final 2 … Continue reading

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The Balabusta has spoken

Why, it certainly is a shanda how the Lightning lost yet again last night, this time to the Pittsburgh Penguins…and if you’re not quite hip enough to know what a shanda is, then you haven’t been reading the Word of … Continue reading

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Tampa Bay *pfffftttt*

I’m still flinching from last night’s maddening Lightning game against the Penguins. Can I remain in blissful denial a bit longer, and would you pretend to believe me if I said the Lightning didn’t blow countless scoring opportunities, that they … Continue reading

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I Don’t Like Sidney Crosby

The Lightning were pistol-whipped and mercilessly left for dead by the Carolina Hurricanes the other night, losing 5-1, and if they can stagger back to their feet in time, they will try their fate with the Pittsburgh Penguins this evening. … Continue reading

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What a fun hockey game last night…watching my Lighting play my first team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and getting a phone call from Wolverine right after Pittsburgh scored. He was watching the game because he likes Sidney Crosby (after seeing his … Continue reading

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Hockey Overdose

I take credit for the Lightning finally winning a game last night, since clearly reverse psychology was at work. I predicted they would lose again, and they had no choice but to prove me wrong! Whatever mysterious, magical element was … Continue reading

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