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The Pre-Season

Hello!  Remember me?  It’s been so long since I posted that I almost forgot how to log in, but I managed to stumble my way back into my blog. As soon as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ pre-season schedule was posted on … Continue reading

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Attention Whore

I have surreptitiously cheered for the Ravens this past season, secondary to my trusty Steelers, of course.  When the Steelers were eliminated from play-offs (thanks, Ben), I was consoled by the fact that at least the Ravens are headed to … Continue reading

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Hug It Out!

Football is not typically known for its touching, weepy, or heartfelt moments.  But after watching the Steelers fight for every point with their third-string quarterback Charlie Batch against the Ravens this past Sunday, and then pull out an unexpected and … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Weekend

The good: pumpkin pie The bad: My Steelers lost to the Browns. The good: Gary’s Alabama team destroyed Auburn, 49-0! The bad: It’s Monday morning, and the alarm went off waaaaay too early. The good (a.k.a, the best): Gary and … Continue reading

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Important Memo to the Pittsburgh Steelers

Dear Pittsburgh Steelers: Please do not ever assault my innocent eyes by wearing those horrendous throwback uniforms again.  I understand these uniforms are a tribute to the 1934 team and a celebration of 80 seasons, but enough already.  Dressing up … Continue reading

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Ravens, Steelers, Oh My!

It took over six years, but Gary finally did it: he somehow got this hockey-loving woman into watching football.  The silly NHL lockout certainly helps, since there is nothing else to watch right now. I took a liking to the … Continue reading

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It’s Not Hockey, But…

My family, die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fans that they are, will likely disown me for admitting that I rooted for the Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl last night, but I couldn’t help it. I like the underdog, and the Cardinals … Continue reading

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