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Stuffed Dog

One afternoon, when Bear was little, he asked me to play with him.  He was about 6 or 7 years old, baby-faced, tousled blonde hair that liked to stick up in jagged rooster tails, and he had a trouble-making streak … Continue reading

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The Dollhouse

I don’t even remember what I was doing when I first overheard Gary playing dolls with the girls, Sunflower and Dove, last weekend.  After everything that Gary’s doll said or did, there was a fresh burst of raucous giggles.  It … Continue reading

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Face Cream

The other evening, Wolverine was being silly and goofing around.  He wrapped a blanket around his face like a cloak, used his best, gravelly, old-person voice, and announced to us in an exaggerated accent, “I am a very, very old fortune-teller.  Would you like … Continue reading

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Doctor Death

Dove marched into the living room recently, her new toy doctor bag in hand, and asked sternly, “Who is feeling sick in here?” Gary naively offered himself up by telling her, “I don’t feel so good, doctor.” Dove wandered closer … Continue reading

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Dr. Dove

Dove strolled into the living room the other night with her toy doctor kit and decided that Sunflower and I appeared gravely ill.  I fake-coughed like a pro, and Sunflower followed suit, practically hacking up a lung. After listening to my … Continue reading

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Gangster Ken

This past weekend, Gary was presented with a Barbie doll by Sunflower and the irresistable invitation, “Will you play with me, Daddy?”  Soon Gary was on the bedroom floor surrounded by Barbie dolls, Barbie clothes, and all four kids, who … Continue reading

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It Was My Cat’s Fault!

Dear Boss Lady: Please allow me to explain why I was a tad late this morning. I am certain, after you read this, you will completely understand. As I hustled to my front door on my way to work like … Continue reading

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