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Protected: You Don’t Know the Password, Nya Nya!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Incredible Hulk Hair, Part 2

Last summer, I wrote about the kids’ hair turning sickly green from the unmaintained swimming pool at their grandparents’ house, where they have lived with Crow for the past six years and counting.  A simple hair washing and basic hygiene, … Continue reading

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In a normal world with sane and rational people, both households after a divorce would have consistent and reasonably similar, if not identical, boundaries and rules to maintain a comforting level of consistency for the children.  It’s been painfully obvious … Continue reading

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Block the Bitch

Not long ago, I read a blog post that got me thinking.  The woman wrote about her husband’s sanity-challenged ex-wife leaving a catty comment on her facebook page.  The woman was distraught about the comment and apparently turned to the … Continue reading

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Lower Your Standards

Traveling to Hickville is like tumbling down a rabbit hole into a Twilight Zone of inbred absurdity.  How anyone could drag the kids there and force them to live there is beyond me: we are not talking merely a small … Continue reading

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Glad She Hates Me

It’s not newsworthy to me, to my readers, and especially to the kids that the children’s mother claims to not be terribly fond of me. What she is willing to admit to as the reasons for her distaste, however, are … Continue reading

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Truth Hurts…the Kids

Long ago, Gary adopted a hands-off, low-contact approach with Crow.  Her attention-seeking, drama-loving nonsense needed to be chopped off at the roots, and responding to only what truly warranted a response let us focus on us, on the kids, our family, and … Continue reading

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