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Incredible Hulk Hair

When a child’s hair turns Incredible Hulk green from swimming pool water, it is way past time to kick some basic hygiene and personal care into active mode.  Despite the convenience factor, swimming is not…I repeat, NOT…a replacement for routine bathing. … Continue reading

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Munchausen Much?

What would any caring, concerned parent do when a young child falls off of her bike and sustains injuries in the wreck? (a) Realistically evaluate the child’s injuries. (b) Be thankful the other parent thoroughly checked out the child’s injuries, … Continue reading

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Often when the kids arrive at our home, they bring along clothes, jackets, toys, movies, etc. This time was no exception: Dove even brought a gift bag, presumably from her pre-school, with candy, a teddy bear, and other odds and … Continue reading

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A mother who spends most of the children’s soccer games with a cell phone glued to her ear and ignoring the children: disappointing but typical A mother with the manners of a lowbred shoat in front of the children: disappointing but … Continue reading

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What Would a Bad Mother Do?

If my life goal happened to be becoming one of the worst parents imaginable, I have had plenty of mentoring by a Malicious Mother of the Year. What are some of the lessons I have learned? Let’s review (quiz later)! … Continue reading

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Best Interests, Take 3

Happy blogoversary to me! I may surprise myself with roses or lingerie later. Three years of Smirking Cat, and I love me just as much as the first day… Speaking of loving the Smirking Cat, once upon a time about … Continue reading

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What if the Kids Read Your Blog?

It’s not unusual for stepmoms frustrated by what they see to keep a blog documenting their struggles or venting their feelings. It’s not unusual for like-minded people to offer support, advice, or simply “I know how you feel”. It is … Continue reading

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