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Fifteen Questions

1. When each child was born, did you gaze down upon their newborn faces and wonder with awe, “How much child support can I cash you in for someday?” 2. When did each child stop being a person to you? … Continue reading

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"Mama Hates You"

This past weekend, one of the kids said to me: “Oh yeah, ‘cuz Mama hates you”. Nonchalant, calm, like we were discussing the weather or what to watch on TV later. I wanted to laugh and say “How is that … Continue reading

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Conversation Topics

An accurate and continually tiresome barometer of the level of bad-mouthing to which the kids are being subjected is the type of off-the-wall questions we are asked by the kids. They are the kind of questions that would leave Gary … Continue reading

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Something more than a little odd happens almost every time we drop the kids off after their weekend with us. Before the tires of our car even hit the other household’s driveway, the bribes are being wheeled into the driveway, … Continue reading

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Making Sure Kids Never Adjust

I recently finished reading Making Divorce Easier on Your Child: 50 Effective Ways to Help Children Adjust by Long and Forehand. In brief, to-the-point chapters, the book provides advice to ease children’s adjustment to divorce and to new family structures, … Continue reading

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Scary Parents

One of the best tips I have ever read regarding how to protect children during and after a divorce is from The Effects of Conflict on Children: The High Price Your Children Pay on “The most powerful action divorcing … Continue reading

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Unwilling Spies

“I feel caught every time I go visit my father. I come home and I am bombarded with twenty questions.” This is a quote from a child caught between divorced parents (borrowed from Adolescents After Divorce by Christy Buchanan). Ms. … Continue reading

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