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The Mellowed-Out Cat

In the process of resurrecting my blog, in making updates and reading through old posts, I feel almost like I should change the name to The Mellowed-Out and Relatively Calm Cat.  My posts are far less sarcastic rants and rage-filled … Continue reading

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Flipping through a magazine the other night, I saw the phrase “chock-full of” something or other, and I heaved an impatient sigh, dropped my magazine, and said to Gary, “The word ‘chock-full’ annoys me.” He nodded and pretended to actually … Continue reading

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I Can Live Without…

Life would surely be drastically improved, and far more pleasurable, if I never, ever had to endure another: 1. Kesha song2. brussels sprout3. traffic jam4. episode from any show on the Disney Channel5. picture of any of the Kardashian brood on … Continue reading

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Haircuts, Knots, and Blowdryers

Why do I have long hair? Because I love the luxurious, feminine aura of dead growth dangling down to my ass? Because I enjoy the charming way it sheds absolutely everywhere and forms a mini rug on the bathrooom floor? … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions

No, not for me, silly…for YOU! Instead of the usual fare of “drop some pounds, stop getting loaded every weekend, and save some money instead of blowing it on impulse purchases at Walmart”, I decided to serve up a selection … Continue reading

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After a 3-day weekend of intense manual labor in the hot sun, these are the random factoids rattling about in my head to share with you today: * My house came with a cat, who stations herself on the porch … Continue reading

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