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Thank You

Thank you, Crow, for living with your parents for nearly the past decade as you rot ungracefully into your 40’s.  Your inability to care for yourself and your refusal to stop sucking off your daddy makes me fiercely value my own independence … Continue reading

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Fight Club and Monkey Poo

It’s become a joke between Gary and me that when things are going well for us, when we are happiest, the axe is just waiting to fall. Let us enjoy some peace together, and the next day there will be … Continue reading

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Worth It

Relationships, one on one, are hard enough. Loving a man with children from a previous marriage ups the ante. Toss in an ex who refuses to even feign sanity, and you have never-ending drama and bottomless stress. Why stick around? … Continue reading

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Torn-Up Letter

When Gary and I first attempted dating and establishing our relationship, our start was about as smooth as a porcupine wrapped in barbed wire. Both of us had just barely survived toxic partners, and both of us were still reeling … Continue reading

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Give Me My Kidney Back

New York Man Demands Estranged Wife Pay Him for Kidney Ahhh, the classic love-gone-bad story. Boy meets girl. Boy marries girl. Boy donates his kidney to girl. Boy and girl separate, girl refuses to let boy see kids, so boy … Continue reading

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Jealousy and the Pesky Ex-Wife

I have been accused of not being jealous enough. Yes, I know, hard to fathom the unbearable torment and unimaginable suffering of these men who never got to hear “Do you like her?” or “Do you think she’s pretty?” in … Continue reading

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Better Way

Is there such a thing as a good divorce? Probably not, but I know for sure there is such a thing as a relatively polite divorce, without baring claws, fangs, or other weapons of mass destruction, because that’s what mine … Continue reading

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