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A Letter to Rosie

Dear Rosie, There are not enough treats in this world to thank you for being a patient, sweet kitty this weekend (and many others) as Dove showed you exuberant love, 3-year-old style. Many cats would express their discomfort with a … Continue reading

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Three Cats for Sale!

Full moon? Catnip? Illicit drugs? Spontaneous genetic mutations? I’m not sure what is responsible for the horrific behavior of our three cats lately (well, more horrific than usual), but today Gary suggested we pack ’em up to the Humane Society. … Continue reading

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Not So Little Panther

While enjoying a Cats 101 TV show recently, Gary and I got hooked on a segment about Bombay cats. The more they described the Bombay, the more certain we were that our adopted Rosie, the official Smirking Cat mascot, is … Continue reading

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Smirking Cat Goes to the Vet

The official Smirking Cat mascot, Rosie, was gracefully escorted to his awaiting chariot and whisked off to the vet office yesterday for a pleasant evening of tea, crimpets, and casual chit-chat……or, okay, maybe it was more like Rosie shot me … Continue reading

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From the moment Rosie (a.k.a., the official Smirking Cat mascot) joined our family, he was unequivocally and 100% Gary’s cat. Gary was the one who coaxed the cat into the car as he rescued him from a crowded parking lot … Continue reading

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