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Math Workbook Love

I was sitting at the kitchen table with Dove, helping her with questions in the first-grade workbook we bought to give her a boost with her school work, when Bear, who is 10, sat down with us too.  He jumped … Continue reading

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Not that Mama

Last week Gary and I volunteered at an end-of-the-year event for Sunflower’s class.  It was a beach theme, and the class had 10 different fun activity tables the kids rotated through in small groups. Gary was in charge of a water activity, … Continue reading

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Don’t You Remember Me?

Last night, Gary and I went to Hickville to watch Bear’s class play, a musical about vacation…very timely with school letting out in just a few weeks!  When Bear spotted us in the audience, he sprung into look-at-me mode, dramatically adjusting his sunglasses, … Continue reading

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When I was little, my three brothers and I had to be literally on our death beds to get a day off school.  My mother was a teacher who took her job seriously (both the teacher part and the mother … Continue reading

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Science Fair and Dog Shit

Yesterday evening, Bear’s school held a science fair. When Bear saw Gary and me, he walked up to us brandishing treasures from his pockets: two toy cars, which he proceeded to drive all over Gary’s arms, chest, and legs. When … Continue reading

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Field Trip

Last school year, Gary missed out on nearly every single one of the kids’ field trips or events because, well, letting him know about the kids’ events was just too damn peskily parental.  This year, at least token gestures have … Continue reading

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No Homework

Gary called the kids yesterday evening to see how their first day of school went. Everyone seemed to have had a good day, until Sunflower, who started first grade, got on the phone. When Gary asked her how her first … Continue reading

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