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There are times when I fleetingly, briefly, feel sorry for Crow.  Ever watch a low-budget movie with horrible actors, a laughable script, and inwardly cringe and feel embarrassed for everyone involved in making it?  That’s how I feel about Crow … Continue reading

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Incredible Hulk Hair, Part 2

Last summer, I wrote about the kids’ hair turning sickly green from the unmaintained swimming pool at their grandparents’ house, where they have lived with Crow for the past six years and counting.  A simple hair washing and basic hygiene, … Continue reading

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Maternal Instinct

Two weeks ago, when we dropped the kids off at the police station (since we can’t trust others in the kids’ lives to even pretend to behave like adults with two brain cells to collectively rub together), Gary and I … Continue reading

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A mother who spends most of the children’s soccer games with a cell phone glued to her ear and ignoring the children: disappointing but typical A mother with the manners of a lowbred shoat in front of the children: disappointing but … Continue reading

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Fifteen Questions

1. When each child was born, did you gaze down upon their newborn faces and wonder with awe, “How much child support can I cash you in for someday?” 2. When did each child stop being a person to you? … Continue reading

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