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"Love Triangle", My Ass

If I strolled up to you at this very moment, clad in a disguise after following you across a dark parking lot, and I blasted you in the face with pepper spray yet claimed I just wanted to talk with … Continue reading

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Mr. and Mrs. Sexist

Shuffling through some mail at work this morning, I glimpsed an envelope addressed in the archaic format “Mr. and Mrs. Husband’s First and Last Name”, as in, “Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Smith”. I cringed. I have always wondered where the … Continue reading

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Pink Isn’t the Only Color that Exists

Girls are strong, smart, powerful, and can be whoever and whatever they want. Girls should be thin and sexy and dress like Britney Spears. Girls have the right to speak up in class and express their opinion. Girls should be … Continue reading

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Insanity, repeated

I survived a mid-afternoon trip to Toys ‘R Us, on a sale day nonetheless. After standing in line for oh, say, half an eternity, I watched in disappointed silence as the woman in line in front of us unloaded multiple … Continue reading

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