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Who Needs to Stop the Car?

It must be difficult for some people to visualize or imagine what it feels like to be a good parent, sort of like playing fantasy or dress-up without truly grasping the character. Case in point: Crow, the children’s ignoble womb-for-rent, stumbles … Continue reading

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Remind You of Anyone?

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The deliriously selfish bliss of being an alienating parent: You will never know the pain of worrying about the kids when they are in the care of someone who does not truly care about them. You will never wonder why … Continue reading

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Couldn’t Do It

Dropping the kids off at the police station is never a terribly pleasant, warm-and-fuzzy experience. Being forced to do so because of the highly selfish and horrifying behavior of so-called caregivers in the children’s lives is disturbing enough. But this … Continue reading

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Trust of a Child

“The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool.” ~ Stephen King There are simple moments when one of the kids reaches for my hand, or settles into my lap, or asks me a question and then waits … Continue reading

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To lie to a child who trusts you and loves you takes no great skill at all. It requires no wit, cleverness, or shrewdness. All it takes is the willingness to disrespect them and their love, to piss on the … Continue reading

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